Unique features + Changes on the new 2021 Mustang

The Mustang has been an iconic car from the moment it first appeared. The unique features of the Mustang take the vehicle to a whole new level of sophistication.

Features that make the Mustang Unique:

  • EngineActive 
  • Valve Exhaust
  • 12” Digital Cluster


The Mustang is well known for its GT 5.0L model. This V8 is equipped with 339kW of power and 556Nm of torque. The Mustang EcoBoost model has a fully upgraded 2.3L engine. Featuring a 236kW turbocharged engine, the 2.3L provides 448Nm of torque.

Active Valve Exhaust

The Active Valve Exhaust allows you to change the loudness of the exhaust. The four modes that are available are Normal, Quiet, Track and Sport. It can let you choose when you wish to make your presence known. Providing great convenience such as being able to turn down the volume when driving through a quiet neighbourhood, it delivers an experience to Mustang owners like never before.

12” Digital Cluster

The 12” Digital Cluster is easy to view, fast and very responsive. You are able to select your ideal throttle, steering, exhaust and gauge appearance with the touch of a button. The digital cluster also allows you to personally customise the colour options to set ambient lighting in various locations throughout the cabin.

Favourite Safety Features:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection
  • Lane Keep Assist – LKA

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive Cruise Control is a very handy safety feature as it reads the traffic ahead of you using radar sensors. It alters your speed and distance between cars ahead when traffic picks up and slows down.

Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection

In speeds between 5km/h and 80km/h, autonomous emergency braking (AEB) will automatically come into action if a car has unexpectedly stopped in front of you or if a pedestrian steps out onto the road. This safety feature will put your mind at ease and make every journey more comfortable.

Lane Keep Assist

Lane Keep Assist monitors the markings of the road. When you are driving it will detect if you appear to unintentionally move out of your lane. Once detected, your steering wheel will vibrate to warn you. If departure continues, the car will direct you back into your lane by applying steering torque, unless your indicator is on.

Changes on the new 2021 Mustang:

  • Redesign of instrument panel badge
  • Deletion of illuminated glove box
  • Engine cover colour change from silver to black
  • Acoustic laminated windshield changes to laminated windshield
  • Tyre change from Michelin Pilot Sport 4S to Pirelli P Zero
  • Introduction of FordPass Connect with Embedded Modem

New Colours

With the new 2021 release of the Mustang, three new colours will be replacing three of the current 2020 Mustang colours. Kona Blue, Grabber Lime and Magnetic will not be available within the 2021 range. Replacing these colours will be Yellow Peel, Carbonized Grey and Antimatter Blue.

Black Shadow Pack

The Black Shadow Pack will no longer be an option available on the 2021 Mustang.

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Written by Kayla Croser, January 2021.
Smartie at the Ford Smart Lab Sydney

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